From the Trenches Project
In this project you must draw and explain what your trenches look like and how they operate. Use the illustration on page 582 of your textbook for ideas and hints on effective trench designs and features.

You must implement each of the following into your designs
1. Artillery
What weapons will you design and where will you place them given the trench construction?

2. Line of Trenches
What design will your trenches have for purposes of defense and protection (Exterior/Interior)?

3. Amenities
Food, Medicine, Recreational?

4. Successful Offensive Tactics
How can you overcome the enemy defenses?

5. Successful Defensive Tactics
What tactics can you create to defend your trench position and keep your soldiers alive?

Build your trench in 3D and share it with the class to earn up to 5 extra credit points (for example, see brownie trench picture below)