Reflection and Professional Growth
The Illinois Professional Teaching Standards define Reflection and Professional Growth as:

"The teacher is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates how choices and actions affect students, parents, and other professionals in the learning community and actively seeks opportunities to grow professionally."
Travel and Professional Growth
I have travelled extensively over the past several years and collected many stories and a great deal of knowledge to impart to my students. The link above connects to a personal photo gallery with pictures from some of these destinations. I have kept journals of my experiences and taken thousands of photos to include in PowerPoint lectures and to put on my Website. I have secured a number of faculty grants and used personal funds in pursuit of this knowledge and experience. Below are a list of the places visited, the length of stay and an indication of those for which I was able to secure faculty grants.
Tahitian Islands cruise, 12 days, Personally funded
Tour of Egypt including Sinai Peninsula, 16 days, Faculty Grant
2 Trips to London and surrounding areas, 12 days total, Personally funded
2 Trips to Hawaii, 12 days total, Personally funded
Tour of Costa Rica, 12 days, Personally funded
Tour of Italian Peninsula, 14 days, Faculty Grant
Cruise of Central America and Mexico, 8 days, Personally funded
Tour of Mexico, 12 days, Faculty Grant
Tour of Eastern Europe (Budapest, Vienna, Prague), 10 days, Personally funded
Tour of Sicily and Rome, 12 days, Faculty Grant
Tour of Portugal and Spain, 12 days, Faculty Grant
2 Educational Tours of Washington D.C. (with students)
Trips to San Antonio, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California, Personally funded
Golden Apple Award Self-Reflective Essay
Golden Apple Acceptance Speech