10 Guidelines!

1. You have been assigned either a "pro" or "con" viewpoint on one of nine potential topics. These have been assigned randomly. You will debate against another student who ideally will remain unknown to you.

2. You must research your topic on www.procon.org and design a debate plan.

3. It is not necessary for you to agree or believe in the topic or side you've been assigned, just to understand and argue its viewpoint.

4. You must examine the Bill of Rights in the Constitution and see what areas might arguably support your viewpoint (if any). If there is no support, you may wish to propose an amendment.

5. The "pro" side will go first in debates, the "con" side will go second.

6. After both sides have presented, each side will have one chance to respond to the other's assertions.

7. After both responses are complete, students will be allowed to ask questions or voice opinions.

9. Students will vote for a winner. Don't feel bad if you don't "win". Students may have already made decisions ahead of time on the issue you are debating based on their upbringing or preconceived political ideals.

10. Mr. Stott will use the attached rubric to grade your work on this project. Be sure you review it and pay attention to its categories.


P.S. If you don't know how to create an arguement, watch the video below...
The Great Debate!
Courtesy MrStott.com