Professional Portfolio
Bradley Stott

I'm currently teaching social studies at Belvidere High School, in Belvidere, Illinois. Previously, I taught at Keith Country Day School in Rockford, Illinois for twelve years where was also the Head Golf Coach. The two most important artifacts demonstrating my capabilities are my website (comprising over 200 separate pages and more than 700 files), and a 2011 Golden Apple Award. I have previously taught 9th Grade Ancient & Medieval History, U.S. HistoryModern European HistoryAP U.S. Government, U.S. Government and World Religions. I also taught 6th Grade Social Studies and 7th Grade Social Studies for 8 years. 
#1. Content Knowledge
#2. Human Development and Learning
#3. Diversity
#4. Planning for Instruction
#5. Learning and Environment
#6. Instructional Delivery
#7. Communication
#8. Assessment
#9. Collaborative Relationships
#10. Reflection and Professional Growth
#11. Professional Conduct
I'm currently the designer and webmaster for the Rockford Archaeological Institute of America. This online portfolio highlights my work as a Department Head, teacher, and features some artifacts from my Master of Arts in Education degree from Benedictine University. My background in publishing helped me prepare for a teaching career as well (see my resume). Other documents outlining my ideas, attributes and philosophies of education are found in my Golden Apple Acceptance SpeechGolden Apple Self-Reflective Essayqualities of a good teacher, my view of the Role of A Teacher in the 21st Century, and various portfolio artifacts organized by Illinois State Teaching Standards below.