Mr. Stott Photo Gallery
Some of these were doctored by my students, others just relect time I've spend with students or travelling (and hopefully reflect my sense of humor).
Winning the Indian Trails Conference TournamentA classroom picture.World War I Trench Simulation ActivityReassembling pottery in an archaeology simulationPosing with another trophyWWI SimulationPresenting the trophyStudent-doctored picture of me teaching with an afro.Rented car in ArizonaFramed!My son and I in Washington, D.C.Step Pyramid at SaqqaraKeith School spirit during homecoming.Me as a Southpark character?Gee Haw!The Jedi Returns.Group picture--Washington D.C.With parents in Washington D.C.Mexico City in front of Diego Rivera's workThe Temple of the Moon in Teotihuacan (Mexico)At Lake Como, Italy in front of the real Bellagio!Merchants of Venice?Memento Park, BudapestBelvidere Palace (not Illinois) in Vienna, AustriaAnother doctored picture of me from a student...they seem to like to put big hair on me.My lovely wife and I in Prague, Czech Republic.That's me (and a Franciscan friar) in Assisi, Italy.Me in Capri, Italy.Evening at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.My daughter and I in Siena drinking hot chocolate (like a melted candy bar...yum).Prom night for an ex-student of mine...