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Welcome, parents! This site is designed to introduce you to my website and help you help me better teach your child. The values, habits and discipline learned at home are far more important to student success than anything a teacher can accomplish in the classroom. Read my advice for middle school and high school student achievement below.
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Advice for Parents of Middle School Students
Organization is the most common problem. I recommend an accordian binder to keep track of paper and an assignment calendar (if the student will use it regularly). The most organizationally-challenged students might best be served to use one container for all paper (such as a large pocket in a laptop case). Students should avoid storing loose paper in textbooks, it tends to get lost. Before every test, students should study the study guides for the unit, play review games and read worksheets and articles. Late homework and projects are also often, in part, due to a lack of organization. Students who turn in homework on time can often weather a poor test performance! Middle school should be seen as a time to develop good academic habits for the future.
Advice for Parents of Upper School Students
The academic challenges for students in high school increase markedly. Many parents attempt to control their high school students (especially in 9th Grade) as they would in middle school. This rarely works well. As students get older, they may need to be conviced to make the commitment to working harder and getting better grades, but external motivators (punishments, bribes) seem to be at best a short-term solution. While some students seem to lack motivation (which must come from inside of them), others are motivated, but struggle to use their time well. Using a planner or calendar is strongly encouraged for students with many commitments. Students must also spend considerably more time studying for tests and reading in high school. Preparation for tests should be the same as above, but more time must be spent. Additionally, I would recommend that students learning to write essays or master material should meet with their teachers before tests to solidify understanding. Teachers can also help students with test-taking strategies and give them memorization tips (like mnemonic device and mind-mapping techniques).