My Mohenjo-Daro!
Mohenjo Daro Exploration Website
1. Read the article, explore the Mohenjo Daro link above and design your own city. Click on the rubric link above to see how you will be graded. You may design your city on paper, or with a computer program (paint or other) or a combination of both.

2. Be sure to fill out the worksheet above and attach it to your plan.

3. Remember to incorporate information from the article into your design and the worksheet.

4. Your design must include all of the following or more if you wish:

1. Central citadel and surrounding wall
2. Street Plan
3. Meeting Hall
4. Sewer system
5. Granery
6. Baths
7. Towers
8. Shops/Shopping Areas
9. Housing/Apartments

Extra Credit Opportunity--Take the plan and make it real!
Take your plan and create a 3-D model of your city as homework. (5 pts E.C.) Click here to view previous examples!
Mohenjo Daro Worksheet
Mohenjo Daro Article and Questions