“The Pharaoh’s Obelisk” Worksheet


1. During the time of the ancient pyramids (Old Kingdom), who was God in Egypt?




2. What was the name of the “King of Gods” worshipped by Egyptians and New Kingdom Pharaohs 1000 years after the Old Kingdom?





3. What was written on obelisks, what was at the top of them, and what was the purpose of the massive stone structures built by Pharaohs?







4. Generally, who made up the workforce that built the pyramids and moved the monuments for Pharaoh?




5. How did the Egyptians move stone from southern quarries to the North? Approximately how many miles was the stone moved?




6. What do you think of the ancient technology used by Egyptian boat builders?






7. List 3 things done during the ritual at Thebes for the God Amen.





8. Do you think modern peoples give the ancients enough credit for their accomplishments?