Olympics Worksheet


Athlete’s Stories


  1. Write two paragraphs (at least 4 sentences each) about an Olympic Athlete of your choice from the “Athlete’s Stories” section of the Web site.












Context of the Games


  1. Who were the Olympic Games meant to honor?



  1. Where did the altar of Zeus stand?




  1. Describe the Statue of Zeus.





  1. Did one have to be Greek to compete in the Olympics? Explain.




  1. Define a polis.



  1. Define aręte:



  1. What happened to Greek athletes who cheated in competitions?



  1. Define echecheiria:



  1. Did Greek athletes train full time, or did they work part time? Explain.




  1. In what ways were ancient Greek athletes like famous modern athletes?





  1. Discuss the positive rewards of being a successful Olympic athlete.




  1. Name one way in which politics were often a part of the Olympic Games.




  1. Describe the how a spectator would live and what he might see at the games.





  1. What were the epinicians and why were they important to the Olympic Games?







  1. List and describe 5 sports played in the ancient Olympic games
















The Site


  1. Define Altis:



  1. Define megaron:



  1. Define tumulus:



  1. From what was the original temple of Zeus and Hera made? When was it first built?



  1. Name two treasures housed by the Temple of Hera.



  1. What was the purpose of the treasuries built by various city-states at Olympia?




  1. What was the name of the most famous public work undertaken by Greek colonies and how much did it cost?




  1. In what “style” was the Temple of Zeus built?



  1. What differentiated Early Classical Period art and architecture from that of archaic?




  1. Over time, what happened to the stadium at Olympus?



  1. Name three facilities used by Olympic athletes.




  1. What amazing items were unearthed at the Workshop of Pheidias?