Ancient Egypt Study Guide


Section 1: Early Egyptian Civilization


  1. What forced ancient hunter/gatherers to move into the Nile River Valley around 8000 B.C. and what did they find there?



  1. The Nile is the ___________ river in the world, running __________ miles.


  1. The Nile overflowed its banks every ___________. Describe why this is important.




  1. What is a delta?


  1. What is papyrus and what was it used for?


  1. Name 5 natural barriers protecting Egypt.


  1. What is a cataract?


  1. Discuss the significance of the east and west banks of the Nile.





  1. Name 4 Egyptian gods and their significance.




  1. In your own words describe the transition between Egyptian life and the afterlife.





  1. Why was mummification important to ancient Egyptians?




  1. Describe three stages in the development of Egyptian hieroglyphics.




  1. Name all three kinds of writing on the Rosetta Stone.

Section 2—Government in Ancient Egypt


  1. Who first united northern and southern Egypt in 3100 B.C.?


  1. Upper Egypt is in the ___________, while lower Egypt is in the _____________.


  1. A dynasty is a _______________________.


  1. Pharaoh means_________________________.


  1. Discuss some advantages of the absolute power possessed by pharaohs.




  1. Name 3 significant achievements of the Old Kingdom.




  1. _________________ designed a step pyramid at Sakkara for the pharaoh ______.


  1. What was the significance of the step pyramid at Sakkara?



  1. How many massive pyramids were built during the Old Kingdom?


  1. What caused the end of the Old Kingdom?



  1. What was a major difference between the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom.


  1. Name 3 major projects undertaken by pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom.



  1. What ended the Middle Kingdom?




  1. What is an empire?


  1. What did Queen Hatshepsut do and what was significant about her?




  1. Name 3 things accomplished by Thutmose III.


  1. What was the primary aim of Amenhotep IV (Akenaton) and what was affect did it have on Ancient Egyptian society.




  1. What is monotheism?


  1. What did Tutankhamon do after the death of Akenaton.



  1. Who was the last great ruler of Egypt and what did he do?



  1. Name 4 groups that conquered Egypt after the death of Ramses II.




  1. Who was the last pharaoh and who ended her reign.



Section 3: Ancient Egyptian Society


  1. In the Old Kingdom, one’s social position was set at ____________________.


  1. List the social classes of Ancient Egypt.





  1. What rights did women in Ancient Egypt have?




  1. Where did Egyptian students go to study?


  1. What did Egyptians students do and what was it like in the schools?




  1. What were scribes and what did they do in Ancient Egypt?




  1. List and describe 4 major scientific accomplishments of Ancient Egyptians.