Diversity is defined by Illinois Professional Teaching Standards as:

"The teacher understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners."
Book Review
"The Disciplined Mind"
Mexico Project
Option #1
Popocatepetl Link #1
Popocatepetl Link #2
Popocatepetl Site #3
Popocatepetl Site #4
Popocatepetl Writing Assignment

Option #2
Diego Rivera Website
Diego Rivera Website #2
Diego Rivera Interview (Article)
Diego Rivera Assignment

Option #3
Soccer Article
Soccer Article Worksheet
The 7th Grade Mexico Project on the left is evidence of a curriculum which allows diverse learners to make choices based on personal interests and skills. Option #1 is a good project for a traditional academic performer and/or a student who is interested in science. Option #2 works well for students interested in people, political movements and/or has artistic skills. Option #3 is best for a learner who is more kinesthetic (building a timeline) and has a sports interest.

My book review on Howard Gardner's "The Disciplined Mind" explores the importance of different learning styles and gives some ideas about how teachers can serve these differences.