The Illinois Professional Teaching Standards define Collaborative Relationships as:

"The teacher understands the role of the community in education and develops and maintains collaborative relationships with colleagues, parents/guardians, and the community to support student learning and well-being."
Netclassroom User's Guide
The users guide linked above was written by me in an effort to help parents use a new grading program which was well received and aided dramatically in creating better communications and collaborative relationships with parents.
Teacher Interview #1
Teacher Interview #2
Parents' Corner
This website was created to provide help for parents. Separate sections are provided which give advice to the parents of middle and upper school students, resources for study skills and organization. It also provides advice for navigating my website. I believe this helps provide important links between parents, the school, students and teachers. My hope is that it helps reduce feelings of helplessness in parents, knowing there are things they can do which directly impact student learning and development.