The Illinois Professional Teaching Standards define Assessment as:

"The teacher understands various formal and informal assessment strategies and uses them to support the continuous development of all students."

Standardized Test Administration & Interpretation
The following is an overview of a standardized test administered to a student. Since that time, I have administered dozens of standardized tests to students at Keith Country Day School.

Study Skills Website
The link above contains information in the form of PowerPoint lectures and website links to help students in the area of Study Skills. This site is the result of a study skills course I have taught to 9th grade students for the last few years. It provides students with a year-round resource to gain better study skills (including exam preparation).

Final Exam Preparation Document
This document has been used and modified for all classes to prepare students for Final Exams. It explains important study techniques, textbook chapters and sections students should study and provides information, advice and strategies that students can use for exam preparation.