U.S. History
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Geography Game #1
Geography Game #2
States & Capitals Review Game
US Capitals Review Game

Precolumbian America & Encounter
Mound Builders Web Site
Rockford Effigy Mounds Website
Native American Housing
Illini Information Page
N.A. Housing and Illini Worksheet
Precolumia & Encounter Review Game

Early Settlement
Jamestown Internet Activity
Click the link above & answer questions on your own sheet of paper.
Mayflower Compact Internet Activity
Indentured Servitude Activity
Early Settlement Fling the Teacher Review Game

Revolutionary War
Revolutionary War Ch. 3 Reading Guide
Revolutionary War Ch. 4 Reading Guide
Revolutionary War Game
Revolutionary War Perspectives Page
Founding Fathers Game
Revolution Matching Game
Revolutionary War Invaders Game

Constitution and New Nation
Constitution and New Nation Hangman Game
Constitution and New Nation Study Guide

Early 1800s
Second Great Awakening
Second Great Awakening Worksheet
Third Great Awakening?
After reading the article above, write an answer to this question.
1. Do you agree with President Bush that there is a Third Awakening? Explain answer.
1800s Review Game
1800s Review Game #2
1800s Presidents Review Game

Westward Expansion
Gadsden Purchase Video
Western Art Project
Westward Expansion Review Game
Westward Expansion Quiz

Abolition and Secession
A Slave on Three Continents Reading
Abolition & Secession Fling the Teacher Review Game
Causes of War Video Worksheet
Abolition and Secession Quiz

Civil War and Reconstruction
Civil War Cartoon Activity
East-West Civil War Video
Civil War in 4 Minutes
Civil War Matching Game

Populism, Progressives and Labor Movements
Populism Cartoon Activity
Populism Cartoon Activity Worksheet/Instructions
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Assignment
Populism Wizard of Oz Matching Game
Populism, Labor Unions and Progressives Millionaire Game

World War I and Roaring 20's
Roaring 20's Web Site
Roaring 20s Web Stie #2
Roaring 20's Web Site Worksheet
Scopes "Monkey Trial"
Scopes Trial Worksheet
WWI and Roaring '20s Hangman Game
WWI and Roaring 20s Quiz

Depression, World War II and Cold War
Huey Long Website
Huey Long Worksheet and Presentation
Dust Bowl Website
Grapes of Wrath Research Guide
Normandy Invasion Overview
Depression, WWII & Cold War Review Game