The goal of the project is for you to get to know more about Renaissance art. You will have two choices: hands-on or traditional academic.

Hands-on Choice
Your option here is to create a product reflecting the work of a Renaissance artist, sculptor or engineer. You may use any materials you feel are appropriate to create your work, but it must be relevant and you must use in-class time effectively. You will need to do some research and fill out the form by clicking on the choice above. Some potential projects include:

Create a painting in the style of a Renaissance artist of your choice or recreate a panel from the Sistine Chapel ceiling

Make a model dome based on the design of Brunelleschi's in Florence or Michelangelo's dome for St. Peter's Cathedral

Create a model of one of the Leonardo Da Vinci's designs or create an invention he might have come up with then sketch it out and explain it

Traditional Academic Choice
Click on the text above which includes instructions, a Website and a rubric for a 4-5 page paper on a Renaissance artist of your choosing.
Renaissance Art Project